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Welcome to L to mL, our article about the conversion of liters to milliliters.

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In L in mL, the L is the official symbol for the metric unit of volume liter, and so is the lowercase l.

The m, always lowercase, is the SI prefix for milli.

Some countries even use the script lowercase ℓ to denote liter (American spelling) or litre (international spelling).

Read on to learn all about liter to milliliter, and make sure to check out our converter.



Convert L to mL

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to convert liters to milliliters in 2 easy steps:

  1. Multiply the Volume by 1000

    [L] ×1000 = x

  2. Add the Unit Symbol for Milliliter

    x → x mL

As can be deducted from the formula, to convert the volume multiply the value for liter by 1000.

You achieve the same result by adding three zeroes to the amount of milliliters.

For example, if you have 3.5 L, multiply 3.5 by 1000 to obtain 3500 mL.

Or move the decimal point of the volume in liters three places to the right like this: 3.5 → 35 → 350 → 3500.

With either method you obtain the result 3.5 L = 3500 mL.

As you have seen, you can convert liter to mL with a single multiplication.

How many mL in a Liter?

To answer this question we consider that milli denotes a thousandth, so the L into mL formula is [mL] = [L] × 1000.

Therefore, the volume conversion is as follows:

0.001 L in mL = 1 mL
1/1000 L = 1 mL
10−3 liters to milliliters = 1 milliliter

With these equations in mind, how many mL is in a liter? no longer challenges you, but remember that the conversion can also be written lowercase, or as 0.001 ℓ in mℓ = 1 mℓ.

If you would like to learn more about the unit of volume liter, including the multiples and multiples, then check out the referenced site in our article mL to L.

There, you can also locate details regarding the countries in which using the lowercase ℓ as unit symbol for liter is the rule.

We have already talk about the math for changing the capacity.

In the part of how many mL in a liter ahead, you can find our table on the subject matter, followed the summary of our article on how to convert litres to mL.


The following table contains some volume conversions in the context:

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